Hurling is believed to the oldest and fastest field sport in the world. Hurling players use a stick – or hurley – to strike the ball, called a sliotar, which is similar in size to a hockey ball.

The ball can be struck on the ground or in the air – with the hurley or boot – but it must be lifted off the ground with your hurley. The ball can be carried in your hand for a maximum of four steps. After that you can bounce the ball on the hurley and back to your hand, but you cannot catch the ball more than twice. Players get around this by balancing the ball on their hurley while running.

Players can block an opponent’s strike using their hurley. They can also hook a player’s hurley as he is attempting the strike the ball.

A goal is scored when the ball crosses the goal line between the posts and under the crossbar, while a point is scored when the ball goes over the crossbar. A goal is the equivalent of three points.