Vienna Gaels Player Profile – Dunja Sustic

As the club starts to plan a slow return back to the pitch, the focus is now on trying to recognise everyone after 3 months of untamed hair growth, lack of sunlight, and varying levels of ‘corona-fitness’. However at least with the Vienna Gaels Player Profiles you are guaranteed to learn more about a few members of the club in great detail. Let’s get to know Dunja.

Name: Dunja Sustic
Age: 31
From: Zagreb, Croatia.

How did you end up in Vienna?
I came to Vienna as an Erasmus student, loved it, and moved here.

Favourite place to eat in Vienna?
Charlie P’s of course – otherwise I would say Spanish tapas; Puerta del Sol.

How did you get involved with Vienna Gaels?
One of the regulars in Charlie P’s introduced me to Irish football.

Dunja at the Pan Euros in 2019

What sport do you play, and what other sport would you try?
I play Gaelic football, mostly defence. I would try handball.

What teammate would you pick to be with in quarantine?
Lucy and Nives, they can handle the craic 🙂

Did you pick up any lockdown hobbies?
Yes I did. Started baking, and now I can make a badass carrot cake.

What is your favourite snack?
Radishes and spring onions

What are you looking forward to this summer?
Going home finally and enjoying holidays on the coast.

What is your secret skill?
I trained professionally at table tennis for 7 years.

Dunja has already made a big impact with the ladies football team since she started playing. We look forward to seeing her in action at the next football competition, and before then, maybe at the next Vienna Gaels table tennis competition…

Vienna Gaels interview with Irish Examiner Sport

Our own Noel Fitzgerald spoke to Colm O’ Connor as part of the Irish Examiner Sport podcast. Although the Austrian government has not explicitly referenced when Gaelic sports are allowed to return, measures related to playing sports and having meetups have been gradually relaxed since the beginning of May. Noel gives an overview of how the situation in Austria is currently progressing, with the unique perspective of being elected as a co-chairperson for the club shortly before a global pandemic. Another big topic to cover – how Vienna Gaels will get back to sport is revealed – the social Sunday puc about* is the first careful step. For for information about getting involved with Vienna Gaels, get in touch!

*puc about, puc around:
To meet up with friends for a casual hit around with a hurley and a sliotar. If you do this in a public park in Vienna, expect a few interested looks!


Vienna Gaels Player Profile – Pádraig Garrihy

It has been a strange few months for everyone, especially due to the lack of training, competitions, and social events. Over the last year we have seen so many new faces join the club. To start off a new series of player profiles, let’s get to know Pádraig.

Name: Pádraig Garrihy / Porridge
Age: 32
From: County Clare
Places you’ve lived: Clare, Galway, France (Saint Emilion), Vienna.

How did you end up in Vienna?
It felt like an adventure. I brought a backpack and my CV – I came here in Jan 2019 and got work in a kitchen.

Do you speak any other languages? Teach us a phrase
Some French, and my German is improving every day.
A French ‘old man’ phrase -“Sante – mais pas de pied”…Do it when cheersing a French person for a laugh. It roughly translates to “Smell – but not the feet.”

Best place to eat in Vienna?
Charlie Ps – best burger in Vienna.

What Gaelic sport do you play?
Hurling and football – half / corner forward

What teammate would you pick to be in quarantine with?
Jack Rea. He’s got lovely calves. 😂😂

How did you find the lockdown period generally?
Really enjoyable. As someone who has switched career paths and countries a lot recently, I don’t have anxiety for ‘maybes’ in the future, I’ve been in pseudo-lockdowns before and thrive in them. Plus, my family and friends are all healthy. I’m starting a podcast in the next 2 weeks – I guess that’s my new hobby. Also keeping sane by hitting a sliotar off a wall near my apartment during the week.

Tell us something about you we don’t know:
I finished 3rd in a 39 mile ultra marathon in Connemara 3 years ago.

Worst thing about being a Vienna Gael?
It’s predominantly Irish, for now. I want see the diversity of Vienna shown within our team line-ups.

Best thing about being a Vienna Gael?
The community itself. We had 80 plus people running for charity in a virtual relay marathon within a week of it being suggested. Echt leiwand oder?

Who is the most underrated Vienna Gael?
Dave Walsh. When he’s not nursing a foot injury, he brings a real touch of class to the hurlers.

What have you learned about yourself during the last two months?
That your energy is very important to the mentality of those around you. Smile more and others smile back. The environment that you choose is very important, especially when things are not going as planned.

Stay tuned for more player profiles, and keep an eye on the Vienna Gaels social media for upcoming announcements regarding training.