Vienna Gaels Player Profile – Laura Connally

Vienna has been opened up for the summer, training is back in full swing, and finally we have another player profile! Let’s get to know Laura.

Name: Laura Connally
Age: 24
From: Toronto, Canada

Where have you lived?
I grew up in Toronto, moved to Bangkok, Thailand for a year in 2018, and then to Vienna in 2019.

How did you end up in Vienna?
While in Bangkok, i was offered a position at the International School in Vienna and moved here for the job in August 2019. I teach Special Education/Learning Support.

Do you speak any other languages?
Ich bin lerne Deutsch ??? Nein, I only speak English.

Favourite places in Vienna?
Am Nordpol 3 in the 2nd for Austrian food, and Lamee Rooftop for drinks.

What Gaelic sport do you play?
Football – mid/forward.

What teammate would you pick to be with in quarantine?
Zina for many reasons, but also because she gives me cooking inspo everyday and is always up for canal drinks.

What is your secret skill?
Please don’t make me regret admitting that I competed in Irish dance for 12 years.

Best thing about being a Vienna Gael?
Playing sports with friends!

Worst thing about being a Vienna Gael?
The shorts are lime green.

Best thing about living in Vienna?
The wine, the food, the architecture….to be honest the price and efficiency of public transit is really what sold me in the job interview.

Worst thing about living in Vienna?
Unfair pricing of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Favourite snack?
Baked Sweet Potato with hummus

What advice would you give to someone moving to Vienna?
Join the Vienna Gaels!! and learn German ASAP.

Thanks to Laura for taking part! She actually told me she would love to be challenged to an Irish dancing dance-off, incase anyone sees her out at a rooftop bar sometime. Stay tuned for more player profiles, and as always, feel free to nominate yourself or others to take part. In other news, we are planning lots of training, local competitions and other events over the summer, so get involved!