Vienna Gaels Home

Welcome to the home of the Vienna Gaels. We are Austrias leading Gaelic football club and currently reigning European champions . We have both a mens and ladies team competing in the central European region.

What is Gaelic Football?

If you have no idea what Gaelic football is then the following links will help you get started

Im interested but have never played before.

Great, we love people who are interested and passionate about Gaelic football. We have footballers with experience at all levels so if you have never tried it before and are enthusiastic about trying it. Then get in touch or simply come down training . Sprache ist auch kein Problem, wir sind fast alle Bi-lingual.

Whats happening with the Gaels ?

Check out our news section to find the latest happenings in the club.

Want to know more?

Then simply get in touch and contact us or just simply drop down to training